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Rob Bryan

Rob Bryan has been working with organisations and individuals operating in science, technology, engineering and healthcare for 15 years.

As the legal adviser to such bodies as the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Physiological Society, Rob is working at the heart of UK science, technology and engineering.

Throughout his career Rob has been known for his pragmatism. After training in industry, an early career in a niche intellectual property firm of national repute, and several years working as company secretary to two international companies where intellectual property was key, it is perhaps no surprise that his work in this area is well known.

Rob’s current practise is largely based around the negotiation of large commercial contracts, advising on the exploitation of intellectual property rights, State Aid laws and issues concerning data protection and the freedom of information. He is also known for the work he undertakes with management boards, including ensuring the smooth application of TUPE regulations to what may otherwise be a difficult process.