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I was thinking about the week’s events (so far) as I walked the dog home from the school-run and found myself pondering on the whole concept of “PR”. I was reminded of a blog I read by Virgil Scudder, (and a point often made – before and since) that “if the PR person becomes the news, then it’s probably not good”. To elaborate, I’m not interested in stepping into the limelight myself (this blog excepted – there are always exceptions) and I sometimes wonder about those that are. Do they just want to be “famous”  or is it essential to have a personal profile in order to achieve credibility ?

I am all for the people I work with – the clients, the companies, the individuals. I passionately want them to be recognised for their amazing efforts and achievements and I don’t work with people that I do not believe in. So I’m delighted to say that they all do great things: they bring huge benefits to business and society; they help us to think about ideas and concepts in different ways and; they stimulate industry and investment in our country that will ultimately benefit us all. I’m a lucky woman to work with them.
Perhaps it’s contradictory of me to raise the profile of others whilst keeping my own somewhat under the radar ? This week, it would be very easy to accept plaudits for work that isn’t mine, personally. I won’t do that but I will take credit for a business that is built on integrity and of which I am extremely proud.
Meanwhile, these are the people who have delivered a spectacular week for Thwaites Communications: Helen; Nicola and; Mark. Thank you!

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