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Developing a communications strategy to build the Digital Catapult’s reputation as a leader in digital innovation

The brief

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult (Digital Catapult) is one of seven catapults set up by the Government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to enable and support SMEs in priority growth areas for the UK economy. Allegory was commissioned to develop a communication strategy to build its reputation as a leader in UK digital innovation.

Our response

We started by undertaking a series of interviews with senior Catapult staff, Innovate UK and a number of SMEs to understand the Catapult’s vision, existing communication capability, the overarching business plan and the perception and engagement of SMEs with the Digital Catapult. Research was also undertaken to explore the wider digital landscape, including identifying the opportunities and risks that might lie ahead for the organisation, their audiences and potential competitors.

The outcome

The strategy built on principles that support the Digital Catapult’s five-year plan, and focused particularly on the first 12 months of activity to enable it to remain agile and responsive to the fast-moving digital market.

A proposed phased approach also allowed the Catapult to build a firm foundation for communications, ready to undertake targeted activity to build awareness and credibility. This activity was plotted into a 12-month plan for the Digital Catapult to aid implementation.