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Positioning IB1 as a leading organisation in data-driven net-zero solutions, and help secure UK Government Funding

The brief

Icebreaker One (IB1) is a new global non-profit that develops innovative solutions for businesses, public sector organisations and governments to access and use data, to help them meet net-zero targets.

Our brief from IB1 was to position it as the leading voice of data-enabled net-zero solutions. 

Allegory’s understanding of the data sector and their ability to deliver a profile-building strategy is excellent. They identified priority audiences and implemented communications plans that enabled us to engage directly with senior representatives across government, regulatory bodies and industry. Working with their support in our rapidly developing field has helped us deliver against our targets and secure further funding.

Our response

We mapped their key stakeholder and audience groups, and then delivered a media, social media and content campaign that directly reached target audiences.

We also helped to organise more than 10 events and contributed to convening more than 700 attendees across private, public and third sectors, and our audience mapping supported the Icebreaker One team to secure more than 350 one-to-one and small group meetings with key stakeholders. These included MPs, local councils, and senior representatives from government departments, banks, regulators and the energy sector.

The outcome

In just 10 months, IB1’s Twitter followers increased by 300%, LinkedIn by 200%, newsletter subscribers were up by 70%, and we delivered national and trade media coverage with a potential reach of 37 million. 

Our profile-raising campaign positioned IB1 as a true leader in their sector, helping the young organisation to secure £750,000 in UK Government funding for the next phase of its Open Energy project

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