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An influencer engagement plan for the ODI to deepen relationships with key individuals across government and business

The brief

As part of a wider communication strategy for the Open Data Institute, we researched and produced a plan for engaging with key influencers in data to raise awareness of the ODI’s work. 

Our response

Using our unique methodology we conducted desk research into online profiles including social media, research citations, media voice and biogs as well as interviews with key staff members to find key individuals and areas of interest that aligned with the ODI’s strategic goals.

This research translated into a complex list of individuals ranked by; potential influence on ODI work and strategic aims as well as suggestions on how to reach them. An activation plan was then created with clear methods and tactics on how and why the ODI need to reach out to the influencers.

The outcome

We presented a list of 60 key influencers in government and FTS250 organisations. 20 were then prioritised and invited to a VIP dinner the night before the 2018 ODI summit. We also recommended a series of 1-2-1 briefings, dinners and meetings for board members and senior members of staff. 

Our work resulted in strong relationships being forged between key influencers in government and business with ODI board members and senior staff.