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Identifying and engaging with high impact influencers to attend the launch of an intelligent mobility data sharing white paper

The brief

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is the UK’s technology and innovation centre for intelligent mobility and the future of transport systems.

We worked with the TSC to launch a joint intelligent Mobility data sharing white paper, with the aim of encouraging the adoption of the recommendations. TSC commissioned the report, which was jointly produced by the Open Data Institute and Deloitte.

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Our response

We recommended our audience advocacy methodology to identify the 40+ high-impact influencers and leaders in government, tech and innovation, who if they advocated the report, could significantly influence policymakers to act favourably. 

Audience insight informed the positioning of the report.  TSC’s engagement included an industry and network launch event, a roundtable, and one-to-one, high-level meetings.

The outcome

The TSC successfully attracted strong attendance at its white paper launch event, and with the right people in the room a powerful and influential conversation started and continues to flow. TSE is now able to strategically engage with these influencers, making the most of its resources.