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Event & Speaker Support

Participating in a planned range of events grabs attention.

Multi-format events

In the post-pandemic environment, we’ve seen many events retain virtual aspects which reach wide, global audiences and provide value for money for attendees. We navigate all formats to identify meaningful events and speaker opportunities that give your experts the chance to create impact, be it as a speech, panel discussion or something else.

Supporting existing and new opportunities

We ensure you achieve all the benefits from any existing event opportunities together with making sure supporting content, such as on your website, contains the best copy to secure quality new speaker opportunities and journalist engagement. We research potential speaking opportunities and events, triaging options based on your key audience requirements.

Case studies

ODI Summit

Recreating the Open Data Institute’s annual Summit event in a virtual environment and cementing the ODI’s position as the leading data authority
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Iceberg to represent the Icebreaker ONE and climate change

Icebreaker One

Positioning Icebreaker One as the leading voice of data-enabled net-zero solutions.
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