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Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR):
a guide to ethical data management for business

Ethical conduct in business is not only a responsibility but a key strategic issue. In our data-driven corporate world, the digital transformation of organisations requires responsible action.


Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is a new field of practice on the responsible management of data and digital technologies. As our use of data products increases, CDR helps organisations to enhance security, maintain ethical data governance and take social responsibility for data services.


Our new report outlines key principles of CDR and provides a framework for responsible implementation. We explore:

The case for Corporate Digital Responsibility and the exploitation of digital technologies
How your business can take responsibility for digital security and sustainability
The role of communications in digital responsibility for companies
Social responsibility and corporate governance

Download a copy of the Allegory report

Corporate Digital Responsibility: What You Need To Know Right Now

“CDR calls for responsible business, bringing together the voice of professionals from many different disciplines. It embraces the arts, science, philosophy and politics. Organisations need a mechanism for surfacing a collective voice at board level”
Alice Thwaite
Founder, Hattusia and the Echo Chamber Club

About Allegory Communications

Allegory is a communications agency specialising in the intersection between society and technology. We help companies engage with the public to drive meaningful social change.

Our expertise in data security, digital technologies and organisational communication enables our clients to identify and mitigate Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) risk.

We believe that, through great management and communication, companies can cut the risk to society posed by new technology products.

How we can help

Allegory has developed a six-stage framework that communications professionals can use to help organisations address CDR risk.

  1. Digital landscape analysis and audit
  2. Communication planning
  3. Community of practice
  4. Horizon scanning
  5. Internal communications
  6. Stakeholder engagement and society

Get in touch today to learn how we implement it with our technology clients.

Landscape analysis and audit

Communication planning

three people to represent audience mapping

Community of practice

Horizon scanning

Internal communications

Stakeholder engagement

Who we’ve worked with

Allegory works with organisations that use digital technology for social good. Our clients include The Alan Turing Institute, Health Data Research UK, Catapult Digital, The University of Southampton and many more. 

Case studies

Find out how our services enhance the relationship between society and technology.

Mastodon C

Securing an exclusive in the Economist, and coverage in the FT, Independent and Radio 4, that resulted in new orders and investment for this data startup
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We are a communication agency for health care organisations

Health Data Research

Co-ordinating communications between academic and industry partners for the launch of the Health Data Hubs programme
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Web Foundation

Working with the WWW Foundation to launch the Open Contracting Data Standard, reaching 40m people with 60 high quality articles
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Engaging the fitness sector community to make activity data more accessible and get 18 million people more active
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Data Pitch

Recruiting data-driven startups to join a European Commission funded accelerator programme
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The Data City

Launching the world's first digital tech census that helped grow the Data City's reputation
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AI Readiness Index

Launching a report into AI readiness that strengthened Oxford Insights' position as a leading consultancy for AI and digital transformation
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Open Data Institute

Engagement with government, public and private sectors, to build relationships, support funding and generate leads for consultancy and training services
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Data Trusts

Communicating the value of data trusts, through national media coverage and a social media campaign
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News and insights

Find out what’s new in the world of communications, sustainability and technological transformation.