Brand purpose: your organisation’s superpower

As a communication agency, we spend a lot of time advising clients on how to communicate their message and develop their brand. When our CEO, Emma Thwaites, made the decision to rename our firm, it gave us the perfect excuse to take a step back and have a good think about the positive impact that brand and purpose can have on businesses.

The why

Good branding is one of the key foundations for success. But if you want your brand to last, and to truly resonate with people, it must be aligned with your purpose: the reason why you do what you do. Successful brands sell the ‘why’ of what they do and that’s what audiences buy into. As human beings, we naturally feel more comfortable doing business with organisations that share our beliefs and values.

There are brands that have worked out how to communicate ‘their why’. Apple is one example, cited by Simon Sinek in his TedTalk ‘Start With Why’ which has (perhaps justifiably) been viewed over 6 million times on YouTube. Sinek says that Apple doesn’t position itself as a firm that sells computers, it leads with a passion for beautiful design and a strong belief in thinking – and creating – differently. And doesn’t that sound so much more engaging?

Your brand purpose

There is however, a subtle art to translating your organisation’s purpose into a tangible and understandable ‘why’. And we are fully aware that our industry, as a whole, is guilty of taking the concept of purpose and turning it into a lot of words and not a lot of action. You might say our purpose is to change that!

If your business’s purpose is authentic; a genuine passion, which the staff live and breathe, it will translate naturally. Defining your ‘why’ takes time and thought, and most businesses never fully master it. Success comes when you stay true to your personal values and beliefs and you don’t have to consciously think about communicating why you do what you do.

By having a strong and relatable purpose we are creating an ever growing community of clients, trusted advisors and staff that think, feel and act with the same values.

Allegory’s brand purpose

Emma Thwaites founded our agency nearly eight years ago. Since then the world has witnessed huge social and political changes. Now the firm has relaunched with a new name, yet the purpose hasn’t really changed at all. Our ‘why’ remains the same.

Allegory exists to simplify the ideas of innovators who want to make the world a better place. We do this with clear communication. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for our clients and potential clients to come to our website, read our content and know exactly what services we offer. In short, we want our purpose to be clear and for our potential customers to relate to us. So along with our new name, Allegory, we have designed our new website to reflect our purpose, and we would love to hear what you think of it!

Whilst our clients share our purpose, they work in all manor of organisations and sectors. We work with governments, startups, research organisations, charities, think tanks and FTSE 250 companies. And we can work with you to develop eye catching and relevant content and tease out your true purpose and reasons why you do what you do. Get in touch to have a chat to find out more.

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