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Launching the Health Data Hubs programme with a national exclusive and 50 pieces of sector press

The brief

Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) works to make health data available to researchers and innovators, to help create more effective treatments for patients. HDRUK needed communications support for the national launch of their Health Data Hubs programme in 2019, which would involve communicating highly complex messaging surrounding the nuances of accessibility of data. 

Britain to use millions of NHS patients' histories to seek cures

The Guardian

Our response

Our strategy involved using our contacts in the national press to secure an exclusive article in a broadsheet to be published on the day of the launch, and then share the story more widely with sector media.

We organised the timings for the media outreach, prepared media materials and briefed the executive team and several high-profile partner organisations — all of whom had their own communications teams that were eager to promote their involvement — which needed watertight organisation, clear communications and detailed planning.

We also spoke extensively with key team members and partners to prepare detailed lines to take anticipating any difficult questions, and prepared and shared a package of information with all stakeholders to ensure aligned messaging and approach.

On the day of the launch we became an extension of the HDRUK in-house team, helping to co-ordinate media queries and implementing a system to review coverage and quickly handle any inaccuracies. From start to finish, we turned the project around in under a week.

The outcome

We secured a detailed exclusive article in the Guardian from their health correspondent, as well as over 50 pieces of trade and stakeholder coverage.