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Creating 30 case studies in just 4 months to demonstrate the Knowledge Transfer Networks’ services

The brief

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) helps businesses to get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. The KTN needed an agency with copywriting experience to deliver a bank of case studies that clearly demonstrated the value of and outcomes from the services which they provide.

Our response

We reviewed existing material, and interviewed the KTN staff to discover the most interesting and newsworthy stories. We then created a matrix and map of potential case studies covering multiple regions and sectors, content availability, longevity and editorial promise. Our work involved:

  • Writing case studies and approving the content with contributing companies, advisors, KTN’s communications team and any relevant partners
  • Recommending the top six stories for future video projects, suggesting content
  • Attending photoshoots and providing editorial guidance to the videographer
  • Drafting an additional set of short form case studies for use in presentations and at events

The outcome

Over a four month period, we delivered:

  • A bank of 30 case studies
  • A set of recommendations for potential follow-ups
  • Recommendations for deploying the case studies to best effect in future communications work
  • A review of issues encountered while delivering the project and a set of recommendations for embedding case study production into the organisation to generate future leads