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Using storytelling to create a week-long national coverage spike

Alan Turing Institute

The brief

For publicly-funded research organisations, like The Alan Turing Institute, demonstrating value through public-facing communications is vital.

The Turing challenged Allegory to consolidate its external brand messaging and raise its profile as a leader of public conversation. 

Thank you so much for all your efforts and generous support. I never thought our work would attract so much interest! It’s wonderful to see, and so encouraging for our next steps.

Our response 

Allegory conducted research to identify media awareness of the Alan Turing Institute; finding that most national media journalists surveyed knew of the Turing, but could not explain its purpose and crucially, were not reaching out to them for commentary on AI or data science. There was also a low level of awareness of the importance of media relations within the Turing itself.

We developed an internal communications and media playbook, to educate the Turing’s network of fellows about the importance of raising the Turing’s profile, and in doing so their own, alongside in-depth explanations of its communications and press office function and activities.

We then created a media campaign to tell the story of Professor Zoe Kourtzi’s work using AI applications to get an earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. We worked with BBC Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh to develop an exclusive multimedia package that was so strong it ran across the board in the BBC and caught the attention of other media.

The outcome

Allegory devised and delivered one of the Turing’s most impactful media campaigns. We secured high quality coverage in the Turing’s top-tier national broadcast and print media targets, including BBC1’s Breakfast News TV and ITV News, BBC Radio 4’s Today Show, The GuardianDaily Mail and The Times, and internationally via MSN. The story’s reach was also extended via social media, with influential people, like Amanda Solloway MP and Andrew Gregory, Health Editor at the Sunday Times, tweeting about it.

We delivered high profile media coverage for the Turing, with a +1,956% uplift in daily coverage, as well as 100% positive sentiment and key message penetration.

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