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Content & Reports

Harness the power of your organisation’s data and gain media traction by creating and publicising content and reports.

We find stories within your data

You may not realise it but your operational data may well contain evidence of societal shockwaves, changing tastes or new trends that the media could exploit. A sudden influx of members? Dwindling sales for a particular product? A boom in applications for a new university course? We spot the clues that reveal the news of tomorrow. 

Let us ask ‘why?’

Asking questions and collating new data offers the opportunity to lead the conversation and establish your brand at the forefront of new thinking. Even simple surveys can pique the interest of journalists when they have the right polling company or academic institution behind them. This strategy has led to our clients becoming leading stories across the media from The Sun to Radio 4. 

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Evaluating results

Looking beyond activity-based metrics, we establish how our work has contributed to your organisation’s objectives. We create clarity through interrogating campaign and business data alongside critical thinking to clearly define true performance.


Data is a hot topic from newsrooms to Parliament. It’s time to make it part of your brand arsenal.

Case studies

ODI Summit Flagship Story

Recreating the Open Data Institute’s annual Summit event in a virtual environment and cementing the ODI’s position as the leading data authority
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