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Thought Leadership

Establish organisations or individuals at the forefront of ideas, innovation & leadership.

An alternative way of working with the media

Thought leadership offers very different opportunities to classic press releases. It is part of an ongoing strategy that grows brand recognition alongside that of the personalities within an organisation. Used correctly, it raises profiles and leads to more media opportunities.

The sky's the limit

Thought leadership often starts with editorials in mainstream or specialist media, selected blog sites or B2B publications. Our skills in leveraging content have elevated trade publication editorials into national newspapers which has led to appearances on BBC radio and Sky News. 

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Our unique approach

We base thought leadership recommendations on media monitoring that identifies news trends,publications and journalists that offer the most relevant, influential exposure. Along the way we nurture relationships with your internal and external stakeholders to foster long term opportunities and maximise creativity.

Case studies

Iceberg to represent the Icebreaker ONE and climate change

Icebreaker One

Positioning Icebreaker One as the leading voice of data-enabled net-zero solutions.
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