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Creating digital content packages to demonstrate the latest innovations in urban planning

The brief

Future Cities Catapult (FCC) – now rebranded as the Connected Places Catapult – was a world-leading centre that focused on technological innovations that could improve the efficiency of cities and the lives of its citizens. 

FCC hired Allegory to help catalyse its market – and generate a potential ‘pipeline’ for deeper engagement and partnerships – by providing inspiration, insight and knowledge sharing to businesses, academics, partners and city leaders (its key audiences). 

Our response

Our role was to bring the content to life through de-jargoning technical information, insight and learnings, and to find ways to provide practical, usable information and tools that benefit FCC’s market.

Working collaboratively with teams across the FCC, we researched the best examples to highlight. We then created case studies, research highlights, Q&As with FCC project leads and partners, short captioned videos to bring the project to life, illustrations and infographics – each with a compelling call to action.

The outcome

Over 20 digital packages were delivered to the FCC, and these were featured on the FCC website shared through its social media as well as newsletter that are now being used by the Connected Places Catapult.  

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