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Strategy & Integrated Campaigns

A Plan for any Communications Need

Company communications strategies strive for all sorts of objectives: from creating advocacy for a new internal system to prompting the public to use less energy. We identify the best way to achieve your objectives, carefully researching and understanding the drivers of your target audience.

Narrative and messaging at the core

At the heart of all our strategies is a compelling creative proposition, narrative and key messaging. Understanding what will resonate with audiences drives the success of a communications strategy. Our messaging options will always have a strong factual basis from which we create a suite of materials.

Integrated campaigns and evaluation

Campaigns work best when they reach audiences at multiple touchpoints. We aim to deliver a media & external communications campaign plus a campaign toolkit with content for each channel e.g. leaflets, social media materials, a bank of case studies, videos and images.


We always include an evaluation plan to help clients assess the success of their campaign. 


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Case studies

Iceberg to represent the Icebreaker ONE and climate change

Icebreaker One

Positioning Icebreaker One as the leading voice of data-enabled net-zero solutions.
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The National Archives

An advocacy campaign that enabled the rollout and buy-in for a sector-wide digital transformation strategy
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Jesus College Oxford

A brand refresh of a 450 year old institution to attract students and researchers, and promote its access programmes
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Oxford Insights

Launching the world’s first government AI Readiness Index with engagement from the UK Prime Minister and coverage in the Daily Mail, Mirror and Tech UK
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