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10 years of data and communications. What’s changed? Everything. Join us as we explore how data is going to drive corporate reputation in the decade to come.

Allegory opened its doors in 2012. Since then we’ve helped universities, government organisations, technology and innovation companies to tell their story to a vast range of audiences around the world.

As our clients have grown and evolved, we have become the UK’s specialist data communications agency, with unrivalled experience, relationships and knowledge in this area.

In 2021 we published a report setting out the urgent need for organisations to establish and grow their Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), an emerging field of corporate governance and ethics.

In 2022, we’re marking our 10 year anniversary with a series of thought-provoking articles on Why Data Drives Reputation, looking back on a decade in data to explore how organisations can mobilise data and communications to meet their needs in the future. With contributions from six opinion formers from business and communications, each chapter will examine a different aspect of the relationship between data and reputation.

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Why Data Drives Reputation – the series

Six articles exploring how data and ethical business processes will continue to change our communications world in the decade to come.